Monday, October 22, 2012

coffee talk

there has been a lot of coffee table coverage on the blogosphere, and all of these beautiful images really put the emphasis on the important role that this piece of furniture plays in our homes.
 1 / 2 / 3 / 4
there are even styling "how to" posts - the everygirl and good bones, great pieces have great ones.

i have been searching high and low for a new coffee table for ages, but i couldn't find anything i liked that fit our budget. my criteria: large. brass and glass. square or round.
i checked every resource i could think of: west elm. pottery barn. wisteria. home decorators collection. craigslist (of course) but to no avail. 
(sidenote: maybe i should make a resources tab for shopping? i am seriously good at knowing where to look for things!)

and then, one day i took a brief pause from a task to check craigslist just because...
ladies and gentlemen, the craigslist whisperer strikes again: i found this GORGEOUS coffee table a short drive from my office for... $130!
at 15 inches high, i was a little concerned that it was too short, but it was simply too good to pass up.
check out the feet! they're hooves! 

now, time to "style" it - stay tuned!


  1. Ahh styling is the best part about buying furniture! Absolutely love the coffee table and the inspiring photos above it :)

    1. thanks, sim! i already found a great candle to begin my styling :)

  2. This is an amazing coffee table. Great shape and I love the feet or should I say 'hooves'! Very cool. Yels x

    1. thanks so much, yels! i am beyond thrilled with it!