Tuesday, May 15, 2012

pumped up kicks

i have needed a new pair of running shoes since this time last year. after extended use, my joints had started to ache and the parts of the interior lining were completely shredded from my toenails (gross but true.) 

for one reason or another, i kept putting off the investment until this weekend when i finally bit the bullet.

i had been eyeing the nike free run shoes since my brother got a pair around the holidays. the weightless design was a key factor, as was the variety of great colors! i went with the liquid lime, which i am pretty sure can be seen from space, so i should have no problem avoiding traffic!
the new kicks after their first run; believe it or not, the color is much brighter in person!

on a related healthy note, the boyfriend and i have initiated an effort to make healthier dinners, starting with quinoa cakes and salad for dinner last night! we neglected to take pictures because the cakes were gone too quickly, but here is the recipe!

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