Monday, May 14, 2012

we now return to our regularly scheduled programming

apologies for the somewhat lengthy hiatus; in addition to starting the new job (which is fabulous, by the way!) my computer was way overdue for a new battery and was only operating if it was plugged in at all times. we can thank titus for pushing me into action because he used the charger cord as a chew toy and it stopped working altogether.

so here we are: new battery, new charger, up and running! 

this weekend was absolutely gorgeous in coastal connecticut, so the boyfriend and i planned a beach picnic dinner with friends on saturday night. i threw on a maxi dress and sandals with a bathing suit underneath, and off we went!

on the menu:
bacon cheeseburgers (ground beef and bacon sourced from saugatuck craft butchery)
potato salad
pasta salad
green salad
chips (cracked black pepper and sea salt... yum.)

chilled white wine (for me)
beer (for the boys)

as i mentioned in this post, i consider myself a beach-going professional; growing up spending summers on cape cod, it was completely normal to wake at first light, throw all of the day's essentials in the back of the car, and then drive out to the outer beach before spreading out your towel and going back to sleep.

we don't have an outer beach here, but i still like to be prepared! here are a few of my beach going essentials:
1. west elm beach blanket
2. the immortal life of henrietta lacks (beach reading!)
3. bocce set
4. bon appetit (more beach reading!)
5. neutrogena ultra sheer spf 30

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  1. I got that book last year for Christmas and LOVED it - my company sells HeLa cells, so it was especially fascinating.