Monday, September 10, 2012

weekend recap

happy monday! apologies for the spotty posting last week, things have been busy and i have not been alloting enough time for the blog! my workdays have been jam-packed, and my nights have been spent doing bikram followed by delicious late dinners with the boyfriend (and titus, too!) i am proud to say that i have been back on the 4-5 times/week exercise regime for a month now!

given my full schedule, i am really relishing my weekends. here are a few snapshots of how i spent this past saturday and sunday:
mani-pedi with some autumnal colors (i am LOVING the burgundy on my toes - it's from essie, and i think it's called bold & beautiful - and sand tropez is always a favorite.)
an indulgent ladies' brunch after sunday morning yoga.
movie marathon - i am always struck by how well they adapted tolkien to the screen!
homemade pizza with sausage, artichokes, red onion, and basil from our garden.

stay tuned: tomorrow i will be filling you in on a wardrobe investment piece that i have spent at least two years searching for!

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