Tuesday, September 25, 2012

a modern apothecary

the more things change, the more they stay the same!
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i love sephora as much as the next girl, but i have a new store crush for all things beauty: blue mercury.
there are two locations (across the street from one another!) in westport.
i popped in to pick up some new concealer, and i was blown away by their inventory!
moroccan oil. diptyque. laura mercier. nars. acqua di parma. candles. cosmetics. fragrance. skincare.
just to name a few.
i should probably mention that i am not being compensated for this glowing review; i was simply that impressed and feel compelled to share!

i walked out with the concealer i came for, which came highly recommended by the sales lady: she told me that the entire staff uses it almost exclusively, and that it's the best. so far, i agree!
laura mercier secret camouflage - $28 ($2 less than sephora!)
i also spied the moroccan oil display, and caved to buy the styling cream that tames my wavy locks (mentioned in this post about rainy days) that i have been out of for a few months.

they have a great website, so if there isn't a blue mercury storefront near you, you can still get their great selection of products!

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  1. Clearly a most dangerous place for me...but I may just have to make a trip anyway. I love Laura Mercier products and have a blush that I won't part with until the last dusty particle is but a flattering memory. I'll have to try the concealer as, sigh, I have much to conceal at my age :-(