Monday, June 4, 2012

covered up

happy monday! so sorry for the radio silence last week - i am still getting used to my new work schedule! hopefully i will be more consistent from here on out, but bear with me if i only have a couple posts a week here and there!

the boyfriend came home last week and gleefully announced that he was getting a new ipad through work. i smiled and was secondhand-excited for him (and maybe a little jealous since i don't even have one ipad, much less two!) until he added, "now you can have my old one!"

they are such cool tools, and i feel like everyone has one except me (including my parents.)

now, the caveat with inheriting the old ipad is that it needs a new case. i am trying to decide between these two:

polka dots would be the obvious renée choice, but perhaps the out of office is quippy and cute?

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