Thursday, June 28, 2012

five alarm spice

i love spicy food: indian, szechuan, mexican... it's all so good! one of my favorite condiments is sriracha, or rooster sauce. its bright red color is a harbinger of the fiery goodness it imparts, and i use it liberally to accent everything from eggs to aioli.

bon appetit did a great piece awhile back with 25 ways to use sriracha - from bloody mary's to shrimp to deviled eggs. check it out here!

also recently seen: a chili lobster dish using sriracha, featuring an amazing illustration by my dear friend and artist extraordinaire, sarah rutherford:
 nytimes article and recipe
[illustration and photo via nytimes]
yum, that looks heavenly. i am thinking this might be a great way to add some red hot to fourth of july menus!

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