Friday, March 30, 2012

singing in the rain

ballet flats (love these as a warm weather alternative to boots!)
the art of racing in the rain (great read!)
moroccan oil (to avoid the inevitable rainy day curly-fro)

i can't believe march is almost over - this month has blown by! 
they say that april showers bring may flowers, and according to the forecast for my area we will already be seeing some rain this weekend.

here are a few picks that would brighten any rainy day, perfect to pair with a trench coat

happy friday, everyone! have a lovely weekend and stay dry!


  1. I love those rubber ballet flats- such a cute way to go out in the rain. And I've been dying to try Moroccan oil but I'm slightly afraid it will just make my hair look greasy.

    1. i was also a bit skeptical, but my mom swears by it and she has uber-curly hair. my hair is fine but wavy, and i started using it around the holidays and i can't live without it - it defines the waves and tames frizz with no greasy effect!

  2. The rubber flats are such a great alternative to rain boots! And I love the umbrella! xoxo, morgan

  3. Aaaaaaaand now I've ordered those flats AND the moroccan oil. You are bad for my bank account!

  4. I love rubber skimmers. The pink ones are adorable!