Tuesday, January 17, 2012

lazy long weekend

1.  thomas keller bouchon cookbook
2. le creuset dutch oven
january and february have these sneaky, wonderful public holidays that amount to several three-day weekends. this weekend, i was thrilled to stay in and get acquainted with two fabulous christmas gifts: my parents gave me thomas keller's bouchon cookbook, which is chock full of amazing bistro recipes, and my boyfriend presented me with a le creuset dutch oven, which i had been lusting over for years! clearly, this is a match made in heaven, and they didn't even coordinate their gifts - pure coincidence! i made tk's (tk = thomas keller. clearly we are already on a first-name basis...) french onion soup and roast chicken for dinner last night - definitely a repeat!

weekend highlights, brought to you by my new obsession with instagram:

last night's dinner :)
new wall shelves from IKEA
morning coffee in my pjs

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