Thursday, March 15, 2012

guest post: sometimes, a lady likes to leave her blazer on

dear loyal x'd & .'d readers,

unless you've been hiding under a giant kate spade cobble hill leslie-shaped rock, you know that the lovely renée is currently busy in/around naples, florida. i suspect her time is being spent floating in a pool and dining on randy's mayan fish tacos (you had me at chipotle and shredded cabbage, randy's!). 

like renée, i too am a professional fundraiser. in fact, the two of us shared an office for about six months and became fast friends (based largely on our borderline obsessive love of symmetry, grammar, and cornichon & shaved parm for dinner). however, i recently switched jobs and am finding my new environs slightly more formal than the last, so i thought i'd "piggyback" (as we say in corp-speak) on renée's recent work-wear post

and so, dear readers, a humble contribution:

 in my internet quest for the most suitable office-lady items (featured above), i came upon the following. 

this is a "look" that j.crew wants me to "shop," though i am loathe to do so. okay, i'll come clean: i am terrified of mixing prints. i know, i know, it's the cool thing, but where i'm from (florida), this just isn't done (unless, of course, you're mix&matching two bikini pieces because its your laundry day underwear you own more bathing suits than you do actual clothing). i'm mostly afraid that my pattern mashing will end up looking like the above photo: insane.

what do you guys think?
me? i'm all like... 

♥♥ anna.

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