Friday, March 2, 2012

spring [closet] cleaning, part one

first, some inspiration:

since we are now in the month of march and spring is thisclose, i have been feeling compelled to evaluate my closet and do some spring cleaning.

right now, our bedroom looks like a tornado hit it: clothes hanging everywhere but the closet, folded piles that have tipped over because they never made it into drawers, drawers burping their contents out into view... you get the picture.

i am, by all counts, a very organized person so you can imagine that this is driving me crazy. that said, i have learned that this is really a three-step process and is best attacked in manageable chunks. 
part one: inventory and purging

1. do your laundry/dry cleaning first
even if you plan on selling or donating something, it needs to be clean..

2. know your options: consign/sell, donate, tosskeep
consign: there are great consignment shops in almost every area - do a quick google search to find a few options and look for one whose merchandise fits your style (consider their age demographic, what brands they prefer, if any, etc.) 
most consignment shops require an appointment to look over your items and select the ones they feel will sell. you typically receive a percentage of the sales proceeds, but all of the legwork is done for you. 

sell: selling items online (think ebay or craigslist) is also an option, though a bit more work (i personally have no experience doing this, but know friends who have had success.)

donate: donations to goodwill, the salvation army, and local church thrift shops are always needed. google to find some in your area (plus you get a tax write-off! ask for a receipt for your donation!)

*you should inventory your clothing, but don't forget accessories! i know i have a handbag or two that are just gathering dust and taking up space...

3. establish your criteria for each option
this can vary; this year, i am going to purge anything that i haven't worn in over two years, even if it still fits. consignment/saleable items should be in good condition and not too trendy (especially past trends.)

items for donation should be in decent condition (no major holes, tears, or stains) and anything that is very shabby should be tossed.

stay tuned...
part two: putting everything back but in an organized way!

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  1. this is definitely a helpful post! I can't wait to dig in and clean out my closet.

    xo alicia