Tuesday, March 6, 2012

jet set

i am having a hard time getting down to business because i get to go on vacation starting saturday!!! it's been a little while since i have gotten away, so i am a bit overexcited.

this trip is intense, and let me tell you why:
it involves a road trip from connecticut to florida. with my boyfriend. and my dad. and titus. 
yup, this is happening.

1,427 miles and 11 states... 
how did this come about? well, my parents relocated from the boston area to southwest florida about 6 years ago and they still have a few things in storage in massachusetts. my dad decided he might as well empty the storage container, but some things are fragile and would fare better in the back of a vehicle instead of shipping them. and obviously 24 hours in a car is best shared with others.

we will be driving the first leg from connecticut to north carolina to stay overnight with the boyfriend's family. we will then commence leg #2 from north carolina to florida and spend several days recuperating from the experience on the beach.

here are a few things i am planning on packing to stay comfortable - and amused! - during the 24 hour drive.

ps - i am taking road trip playlist suggestions! leave your thoughts in the comments :)


  1. We will be making the reverse trip from Florida back up north soon. Hope you have a safe trip.

  2. love those jcrew ts! want them all. great look

    xx :: ashlyn
    let it be beautiful

  3. Love the tees from J Crew, so comfy!! :)

  4. You totally need comfy when you are road tripping! Love the colorful t's! We are new followers and would love for you to visit our blog. Have a great weekend and safe travels!

    Jayme @ Her Late Night Cravings

  5. Oh boy long road trip! Sounds fun though!!! Hopefully the bf & dad really like each other?? Haha!!! I'm guessing they do since you all agreed to this! Have a fabulous time! Love the outfit inspiration for your trip!!!

    Have a great weekend!
    Nicole Rene

    1. we are back and we all survived! a true test of any relationship!