Tuesday, April 24, 2012


this weekend i'm off to florida for my friend mk's bachelorette party! we are all looking forward to celebrating in the sun, and we have some great plans in store!

i am also taking all of next week off before starting the new job, and what better place to recharge than the beach?

i am starting to think about packing for my week away and i thought i would do a couple posts on that subject this week. packing can be tricky, and i know a few people (ahem, my mother!) who have serious packing anxiety, and understandably so! what if the weather changes? what if you don't like what you brought?

personally, i always start with cosmetics: the combinations are finite and you usually need both daytime and nighttime products.

since i am a carry-on traveler, the liquids/gels/creams rule is an issue so i try to use powder whenever possible. for a trip like this, i also have to take into account that i am pale now and will not be pale after a day or two in the sun, so i need my winter AND summer makeup.
not tan.
there you have it. i am even wearing the same dress in the photos!

here's what i'm taking:
mascara / mineral foundation / perfume / concealer / bronzer (mine is old chanel) / lip balm / eyeliner / blush
(i'm bringing the mineral foundation in two colors to accommodate my tan!)

now, a question for you: any suggestions for a neutral eyeshadow? i'm hoping for a little shimmer, but nothing too crazy. i have been using the same quad for years and it is almost gone, and of course they don't make it anymore!


  1. I LOVE my Benefit neutral eyeshadow. I use it almost every day in the Rich Beach color (dark enough for a contrast, but light enough that you can just brush it on and hope it's not all over your face, like I do every morning). http://www.sephora.com/velvet-eyeshadow-P235522?skuId=1162734 It's on the pricier side but it really lasts a long time. It's perfectly shimmery, but it's not sparkly at all so it's appropriate for work.

    If you want a little sparkle, I love Urban Decay in any color (they do have natural palates in their "Naked" line that I've always wanted, though I buy far too much eye shadow and palates so I have been banned from buying more till I use what I have). They have "micro glitter" in some of their colors, but also have amazing shimmer choices. I have a palate of theirs with both - I just use the "micro glitter" ones for evenings.

    Both brands go on so smoothly and last most of the day, and both have great neutral shimmer options!

  2. New neutral shadow w/ shimmer? Try this: http://www.sephora.com/creaseless-cream-shadow-liner-P181807?skuId=1281138

    It's sheer but buildable, shimmery but not glittery, and RSVP or Birthday Suit can be worn anywhere. The darker colors blend gorgeously.

    1. thanks for the suggestion! i will be spending some time in sephora :)

  3. NARS eyeshadow duo in Alhambra - amazing. Def has shimmer, but you can still wear it everyday without it being too much. I use that as my every day shadow. You should also try the BareEssentials loose powders. There are shimmery powders that are also subtle enough for every day, but they're also buildable so you can make it more dramatic for night.