Wednesday, April 4, 2012

good enough to eat

regular visitors to c&d know how much i enjoy cooking (and eating!)

my mother has a voracious appetite for a good cookbook - she literally reads through them like most people read novels - and i estimate that her collection now numbers in the hundreds. i am finding that, as i get older, i also love the perfect marriage of well-edited recipes with gorgeous food photography.

unfortunately, cookbooks can be pricey (my cherished thomas keller tomes run about $50 each!) so for day-to-day foodspiration (yup, that happened) i have discovered several great food blogs that never steer me wrong!
written by deb from her tiny new york kitchen. she eschews fussy foods and pretentious ingredients in favor of stepped-up comfort foods.  

recipe to try: kale chips
i first made these last fall with a friend of mine because we both love salty snacks, chips in particular, but were trying to eat healthier. the debut batch was eyed dubiously by the boyfriend and my friend's beau while the two of us ladies raved about how delicious it was. almost reluctantly, the boys tried a chip... and then devoured the entire sheet pan before it was even cool. 
it's a crowd pleaser, people.

jenny is a food stylist and teri is a photographer; together, you get a dynamic duo who presents innovative recipes with stunning photographs! as you might guess, bacon is a frequent ingredient :)

i made these for a couple of brunches in the fall and they are so fluffy and delicious - people couldn't stop at one! very easy to make, too!

erin d. scott started yummy supper in 2009, and all of her recipes are gluten-free! 

i made this salad on sunday as part of our dinner, and then made it again for lunch on monday and tuesday. the flavors are bright and clean - very springy!
i subbed sherry vinegar for the balsamic in my dressing, and used toasted pinenuts instead of almonds because that's what i had in the kitchen.

zach and clay are based in washington, d.c. and cook recipes from monthly food magazines! now married, they started this blog in 2008 as part of a new year's resolution.

these burgers get an extra kick from the onions, which are so tender after cooking down with the sherry, and i am a huge fan of blue cheese in general so these were a big hit!

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