Friday, April 20, 2012

making it work


there was a great article in the nytimes yesterday about outgrowing your clothes in a figurative sense: how certain brands and styles gradually no longer fit your lifestyle, and the idea of "breaking up" with your clothes or a favorite brand.

the article felt very timely for me because i am embarking on a significant change in my life: next week is my last week at my current job, and i have accepted another fundraising job at a cultural institution/organization in new york! i am beyond thrilled about this new opportunity, though it is bittersweet because the museum is a great place and i will miss both the institution and all of my wonderful colleagues.

as i make this change, i am also going to need to make adjustments to my wardrobe. from my interviews, i noticed that the dress code at my new job is more businessy than previous work environments.

my first job after college was teaching at a boarding school, so i basically wore the same things i wore in college: printed skirts and dresses with sweaters, or black pants and blouses. then came grad school, so more of the same. the museum environment has a laid-back, creative feel, so my standard uniform has worked well here, too, though i have one suit for more formal events.

the first step in this process was spring cleaning my closet (read about my approach here
then, i re-sorted my closet into weekend wear on one side and work wear on the other, with the pieces that can do double-duty in the middle. many of my skirts and dresses that previously qualified as work wear will now live on the weekend side, so i need to fill in the gaps.

to best tackle this, i started a pinterest board aptly titled "office lady wardrobe updates" for looks i like and pieces that would work well alongside things i already own.

of course, the key to all of this is to update as economically as possible without sacrificing quality.
here are a few items i have already snapped up:
j.crew telegraph skirt: fits like a glove, love the long and lean silhouette! plus it's their 120s suiting fabric so it matches my blazer... might need one in navy and gray, too... and at $128, the price isn't too bad!
kate spade lever back earrings and portola valley blaine bag (both scored on sale!)

this weekend, my plans include hitting my usual spots (hello, marshalls and t.j. maxx!) for office-worthy pieces, as well as dropping my work shoes at the cobbler for a little rejuvenation.

have a happy friday and weekend!

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