Tuesday, April 17, 2012

flower power

between my gardening this weekend (okay, the boyfriend's gardening and my watching...) and the explosion of spring in the northeast, i have all things floral on the brain.

peonies have long been my favorite bloom, and i am very excited that the season for them is almost upon us! 

ranunculus (ranunculi??) are a close second, probably because they look like adorable miniature peonies! they also come in an array of vibrant colors:
gorgeous. i'll take a fragrant bouquet in every room, please!

now, when it comes to incorporating flowers into my personal style, i prefer a more minimal approach
(it's hard to look like you mean business when there's a full-on garden party on your dress/skirt!)
for a flowery accent on the go, look no further:
i love these pom pom flowers from ban.do - at $15 each, they are totally affordable and come in six great colors! they also have a multi-back, so they work as pins or in your hair.  

[images via pinterest]

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  1. These flowers are beautiful! I just purchased some begonias myself to bright up my little cubicle at work :)