Wednesday, April 11, 2012

in the clear

i have always loved a good coffee table. it's such a versatile piece of furniture, and, especially in a small space, it serves as the nerve center of your living area. 

ours certainly gets a lot of use: we eat dinner on it almost every night; we do work on it; we gather around it with friends for cocktails.
our coffee table in situ: it belonged to the boyfriend's grandfather!

as a complete departure from the above photograph, lucite coffee tables are having a moment. they add such a whimsical, modern flair, and they seem fit in seamlessly with just about any other aesthetic. 

two ways to get the look:

 1 / 2
my only concern: is the see-through factor a hazard? have there been any documented lucite table injuries? 
the perils of design!

[images via pinterest]

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