Monday, August 6, 2012

current obsessions

happy monday! 
i hope everyone had a great weekend - mine was incredibly productive, with a heavy dose of olympics!
most notable accomplishment: i finally got over my fear of trying bikram yoga (i like to be perfect at things, even when i haven't done them before... i know, it's a very practical trait) and i went on saturday AND sunday morning! i can barely walk today, but i feel great and will definitely be back tomorrow night!

i am debuting a new series today that covers current obsessions, since who doesn't love to share new discoveries with others?!  
here are a few things i can't get enough of lately:
i'm a huge fan of mr. samuelsson's, and i couldn't wait to read about his culinary journey. great read so far!
i found mine at stew leonard's and it is incredible!
i wasn't initially attracted to this j.crew shirt when i first saw it, but somehow it's gotten under my skin.
this weekend i finally made it over to terrain in westport. anthropologie meets home and garden: let's just say that i will need to stay away from there for awhile, for my wallet's sake!


  1. I really wish Terrain would open a store in Seattle, or at least on the west coast!! *fingers crossed*

    1. it JUST opened here and i can already tell i will be in there every other weekend :)