Thursday, August 16, 2012

happy 100th, julia!

yesterday marked julia child's 100th birthday!

in her honor, our sink spouted a magnificent geyser of water after the hot water faucet popped off, which took the boyfriend and I about 10 minutes to wrangle, and so there was no cooking.

instead, i leave you with a little julia-inspired round-up of goodies, and the phenomenal viral video that reminds us that we need to eat more fat so we can process our vitamins, and that the smell of cookies makes you feel at home.
dearie: the remarkable life of julia child by bob spitz
j.crew french hen sweater (i personally love the navy!)
wusthof knife set / le creuset dutch oven / mastering the art of french cooking

bring on the roasted potatoes!

photo credit: npr

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