Friday, August 3, 2012

that's a wrap

it's friday - hooray!
for some reason, as the summer drags on, i feel more and more tired by friday. probably because my exercise schedule has slid to an almost complete stop, despite my best efforts (who am i kidding? the only effort i am making is the one it takes to hit snooze as soon as the alarm goes off!)

this week was lovely:
+ the temperature cooled down (a little...)
+ i got my car back from the shop and it no longer makes scary grinding noises! back to commuting in solitude instead of on the train.
+ i caught up with an old friend whom i hadn't seen since we graduated from college. 
+ had a fabulous date night with the boyfriend at a cute little french place that one reviewer described thusly: "it's like Anthropologie threw up in there (in a good way)."  
i had escargot with pernod and a glass of rosé. mopped up every garlicky drop with pieces of baguette. bliss.
+ tried a prosecco/st. germain/mint cocktail, which i found on a blog i love, apartment 34 
+ our beautiful dhurrie rug is back from the cleaners! titus enjoyed the paper wrapping in a big way.

this weekend, the boyfriend is off one of two annual "mancations" that he takes with a great group of his friends where, from what i can gather, they all eat lots of red meat, play tons of poker, and drink a copious amount of beer. i will be taking this opportunity to work on a little DIY living room project, do some beach reading, and watch more of the olympics my other main man, titus. i may have to squeeze some lobster/steamers in there for good measure!

happy weekend!


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