Friday, February 24, 2012


sorry for the lack of post yesterday - i was feeling a bit under the weather :(

like so many others, i have fallen down the hunger games rabbit hole. i am not usually into trendy literature (like twilight. ugh. sorry vampire fans, that stuff just does not appeal to me!) but these books are totally addictive. they're one part lord of the flies with one part fahrenheit 451: a futuristic dystopian society with an olympics-like televised death match for teenagers. 

even better, the movie comes out in less than a month! i love film adaptations - i like to see if the director's rendering even comes close to what i have envisioned in my mind's eye. notable successes include the entire harry potter series and the girl with the dragon tattoo. most notable failure? tom hanks as robert langdon in the davinci code. so tragic. 

the writing in the hunger games pays incredible attention to detail, particularly on the fashion/clothing side, and one of my comedic favorites, elizabeth banks, is playing a high-strung PR person with a wacky fashion sense. there is already a tumblr dedicated to the movie with sneak-peeks, and an OPI line featuring miss banks:

elizabeth banks as her hunger games alter ego, effie trinket. 

the hunger games books are super quick reads, so if you are looking for a little downtime this weekend (or you commute like i do and need a new book) you can blow through the first one in a few hours... and then you will be dying to get your hands on the other two!

happy friday and have a great weekend!


  1. I have got my hands on a copy of The Hunger Games to read ASAP.

    1. you are going to LOVE it! i am actually jealous that you are about to read it, as i sit by and feel like whatever i pick up next won't measure up!