Friday, February 3, 2012

the world is your oyster

i found this print on etsy, and decided i deserved a little midwinter present to myself! during a hectic work week, it's easy to get bogged down in minutiae and lose sight of the big picture, so i can't wait to frame this and hang it as a reminder to take a step back.

to me, fridays feel like the gateway to possibility and the best time to remember that the world really is our oyster. this weekend, take the opportunity to do something that you truly look forward to, whether it's trying new recipe, putting on those running shoes after a lengthy hiatus, or breaking your usual routine and going on a mini-adventure to unfamiliar places in your neighborhood.

here are a few things i am planning on (other than the super bowl!):

hot chocolate at belgique in new canaan (so rich and creamy, and i haven't been since last winter!)

trying out these pancetta and cinnamon waffles (recipe here!)

making more kale chips (a healthy snack to make up for said waffles... recipe here!)

and maybe a long walk to calf pasture beach!

happy friday - enjoy your weekend!

<images courtesy of  exlibrisjournals, belgique, food network, and foursquare.>

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