Thursday, February 2, 2012

deep blue something

yves klein, grande anthropologie bleue, hommage a tennessee williams, 1960 (centre pompidou)
as an art nerd, i love seeing how elements of design and style pay tribute to great artists' works, whether intentionally or not. this spring, cobalt blue seems to be turning up everywhere and each piece reminds me of yves klein's paintings in his iconic, hyper-saturated "international klein blue."

1.  j.crew edie purse in casablanca blue
2.  j.crew toothpick jean in blue grotto
3.  west elm blue splatter dinnerware
4.  ann taylor belt in blue lapis
5.  madewell suede sidewalk skimmer in crystal blue
6.  marimekko pillow
7.  anthropologie wavering glass in blue 

personally, i have a weakness for a bright pair of flats :)


  1. first off, I LOVE that you noticed the abundance of cobalt this spring. I adore the color, but I'm afraid it's going to become over-saturated :/ I have a whole pinterest board devoted to it--and we used it very prominently at our wedding! I also believe in bold bright flats! this post made my happy! if you like creating boards like this, you may enjoy my Friday's Fancies series...hop over tomorrow and check it out! I'd love to have your keen sense of style as a part of the round-up! xoxo {av}

    1. thanks, {av}! i will definitely stop by today to check out Friday's Fancies :)