Tuesday, February 21, 2012

an ode to the bar cart, part two

following up on an ode to the bar cart, part one, stocking your cart is just as important as finding the right one!

tumblers / similar cocktail shaker / ice mold
 a good guideline for stocking up is to keep in mind what you and close friends of yours like to drink and start from there. 

i always have vodka, gin and bourbon on hand, as well as seltzer, tonic water, and ginger ale for mixers. i have also accumulated other liquors and liqueurs over time, usually from specialty cocktail occasions.

bar utensils are essential to mixing a good drink: i love this vintage-inspired penguin cocktail shaker, and those polka-dotted tumblers are so cute (although all of my glassware comes from pier 1 - great for the budget!) silicone ice molds create perfect cubes, and their flexible material takes the work out of emptying them!

now that we've covered the bar cart and the stocking basics, let's mix a few drinks! since it is mardi gras, i picked a specialty cocktail from three festival hubs: new orleans, venice, and rio!

bourbon street, new orleans
french 75 (with or without a dash of st. germain!)
ingredients: champagne, gin, lemon juice, a sugar cube or powdered sugar (st. germain liqueur optional)
carnevale, venice
ingredients: prosecco, aperol, seltzer

rio carnival, brazil
ingredients: cachaca, lime juice, limes

[images courtesy of penderyn, the glamorous gourmet, the leather district gourmet, mardi gras new orleans, rio de janeiro travel source, carnevale di venezia]


  1. Love this post! Caipirinha's are my absolute favorite cocktail!

    1. i love them, too! nothing better than a caipirinha on the beach :)