Wednesday, February 15, 2012


i saw this little gem on facebook: definitely accurate. 
i am WAY out of shape. it's the middle of winter, and i am the champion of dreaming up excuses to skip a workout: it's too cold. it's too dark. it's too early. it's too late. the gym is expensive. i think i have a sore throat that might turn into a real illness, so i should rest.

you get the idea.

being out of shape isn't just a vanity statement; sure, my clothes are fitting a bit tighter than i might like, but the more noticeable symptom for me is the constant sluggish feeling, coupled with the build up of stress from daily life that usually gets worked out during a workout.

since i have to be in a bathing suit in less than a month (yikes!) and since i don't want to have a psychotic break during my commute (seriously. have you been on the metro north?) i need to get back into an exercise routine. my standards are usually running and yoga. i hate to run, but it does get the job done and you never regret it afterwards, even if the entire time you are chanting: i-hate-this-i-hate-this-i-hate-this-is-it-over-yet? yoga is great, although studio memberships in my area are insanely expensive.

my solution? this weekend i am going to bite the bullet and join crunch fitness in my area: it isn't that pricey, and they have great classes including yoga. also, i can run indoors without getting frostbitten ears and fingers. as added incentive, if i manage to make it to the gym 4 times a week for the next 3 weeks, i might treat myself to some new running shoes, which i desperately need.

have you been on the nike website where you can design your own shoes? way too much fun.

anyone else hitting the gym after a rather    l  o  n  g    hiatus?

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