Thursday, July 12, 2012

101 things in 1001 days

here it is, the list you've all been waiting for! just kidding, probably not but i am excited about it!
i am a huge list-maker, both personally and professionally, and i always feel a little rosier about everything that i have going on once i have written it all down, taken stock, and prioritized.

this list is a conglomeration of experiences i hope to have, goals i would love to achieve, places i yearn to travel, and perhaps some silly fluffy things i have always wanted to do. 
here goes nothing!

101 things in 1001 days

1. make a list of 101 things (july 2012)
2. enjoy the tasting menu at momofuku
3. go wine tasting in napa
4. visit kat and jim in beijing
5. climb to machu picchu
6. visit 10 new states
7. re-read classic books from my high school reading list 
8. drink the recommended amount of water every day for a week
9. learn to filet a fish
10. update my computer software
11. take a photography class
12. take a pastry class
13. thoroughly purge and organize all of my papers/bills
14. move money into my savings account from every paycheck
15. build a stock portfolio
16. design calling cards
17. go to the kentucky derby wearing a fabulous hat
18. complete a 30 day bikram yoga challenge
19. invest in a few quality pieces of furniture
20. attend altitude design summit
21. go to a red sox game and sit on the green monster
22. throw a girls' dinner party
23. make duck confit
24. read 25 new books
25. make my own limoncello
26. teach the boyfriend to sail
27. watch 5 oscar winning films that were made pre-1970
28. go to carnival in brazil and carnevale in venice
29. compete on jeopardy
30. complete a design project for someone else's space
31. perfect the art of blow drying my hair
32. finish the nytimes sunday crossword
33. send my parents on vacation - on my dime!
34. get professional photos taken
35. see a broadway show
36. have a sibling dinner date with both of my brothers. no dates, just us.
37. try skiing again
38. go stand up paddleboarding
39. make the perfect sunday brunch
40. redesign the blog
41. eat organic for a week (to see if there really is a difference!)
42. walk across the brooklyn bridge
43. take a day trip
44. go antiquing in brimfield
45.  organize my itunes library
46. have one dinner a week with the boyfriend without technology
47. invest in a car with better gas mileage
48. go skinny dipping
49. find a workout routine that fits my schedule
50. go to dinner at one of thomas keller's restaurants
51. post an outfit of the day on the blog
52. set regular skype dates with friends who are far away
53. run a 5k under 25 minutes
54. learn spanish
55. have sunday roast dinners all winter
56. plan a relaxing staycation with the boyfriend
57. wear my red sox gear to a yankees game
58. attend a black tie event in a floor-length gown
59. buy my mom an apple computer
60. play 18 holes with my dad
61. commit to using eye cream
62. update our dvd library
63. document our decorating process in the new apartment
64. watch the america's cup in newport
65. sail the figawi race
66. guest post on another blog
67. plan a trip around southeast asia
68. own a bicycle with a basket
69. experience the norwalk oyster festival
70. visit the maritime aquarium
71. try 25 new recipes
72. further develop my personal style
73. evaluate and update my monthly budget
74. take a workshop on photoshop
75. go to handel's messiah at christmas time
76. make my own wrapping paper
77. wear nicer underwear
78. achieve a lofty professional goal
79. rent a house on the cape/ack/mv with friends
80. watch every episode of 30 rock from the beginning
81. volunteer at the animal shelter
82. start a local restaurant series on the blog
83. get a bi-monthly massage
84. take more lunchtime walks at work
85. replace cosmetics at appropriate intervals
86. learn to sew buttons back on
87. eat crabcakes in maryland
88. find the perfect eyeglasses
89. have a picnic in central park
90. floss everyday
91. plan an amazing party for family and friends
92. visit the pyramids in egypt
93. moisturize more often
94. share the apartment as a home tour
95. pay off the rest of my student loan
96. plant tomatoes in the garden
97. go to the library more and order from amazon less
98. attend a music festival
99. send birthday cards instead of birthday emails/facebook messages
100. go dancing more
101. say yes more, because life is too short!


  1. Looks like we have several similar goals. I also want to attend the Derby with a giant hat—maybe next year!

  2. This is a great list, Renee! I am doing #7 right now: so far this summer I've read Wuthering Heights, Pride & Prejudice and The Great Gatsby. Good luck!

    1. thanks, linds! thankfully i have a live-in english teacher who will make this an easier goal to achieve :)

  3. Great list! I may have to print it out and tape it to my inspiration board!

    1. you should make your own, too! it definitely gives you a little extra motivation :)

  4. This is such a great idea! I love your list.

    1. thanks! i am looking forward to checking things off!