Tuesday, July 24, 2012

booking it

simply viewed, a place to put books. 
designly viewed, a place to display a carefully curated collection of books and other things.
between home decor magazines and design blogs, everyone has taken a stab at the bookcase!

one design blog i love, i suwannee, has a "bookcase of the day" series featuring, obviously, beautiful bookcases - this is one of my favorites:
while the color-coordinated bookcase is a pleasing visual aesthetic, it would drive me insane because i actually use many of my books and have no idea what color any of them are!

this is designer minnie mortimer's library/living room
sidenote: i went to high school with her! well, she was a senior when i was a freshman and i am sure she has no idea who i am, but i love what she did with this room!

love this room in general, but the bookcase is organized and yet appears real.
while i continue to decide how best to work with our giant floor-to-ceiling built-in bookshelf in the living room, i do know that i would love to add some (more) beautiful books to my collection!
here are a few that i have my eye on:

any others i should have on my radar? 
an aside: an entire cookbook about CHEESE! clearly, i need it.

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