Tuesday, July 31, 2012

snug as a bug

this summer has been one for the record books: almost every day has been hazy, hot, and humid.
i have already hit the point where i am yearning for fall, for a slight chill in the air and an excuse to snuggle into a cozy sweater.

that said, i would really love it if this one would magically appear in my closet:
the possibilities are endless: work with a pencil skirt, weekend with boyfriend jeans and slippers... love.



  1. love polka dots, the JCrew style guide this month made me very happy!

  2. I can't wait for fall either! I find myself dressing in jewel tones and mustard yellows in preparation for autumn. I look silly though with my layering, considering it has been in the 80s over the past few days haha

    1. my office is like the arctic, so i get some pleasure in draping a sweater over my shoulders... it's a rude awakening when i go outside though!