Tuesday, July 10, 2012

tools of the trade

by now, it's no secret to any of you that i love to cook. the boyfriend and i both do, and we each have our favorite recipes, as well as our preferred utensils.

there is one line of kitchen tools that i absolutely love and continually reach for over other similar items in our kitchen drawer: the swiss brand kuhn rikon.

everything they do is magic (cue the police song!) and they come in an amazing range of colors and patterns that make them easy to find. even better, i have picked up almost every kuhn rikon tool in our arsenal at tj maxx/marshalls/homegoods! of course, you can also find them at other places.

here are a few that i can't live without:
piranha peeler (great name!)
garlic press
zebra knife
santuku knife
serrated knife

the knives are made from japanese carbon steel and they are VERY sharp - i highly recommend keeping them in their sheaths so you don't accidentally stab yourself while rooting through a drawer. the green serrated knife is amazing for tomatoes, and the santuku knife has little holes in it that allow whatever you're chopping to fall off onto the cutting board instead of sticking to the sides of the blade.

do you have any favorite kitchen tools?

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