Monday, July 2, 2012

and we're in.

well, folks: after one trip to ikea, one late night post-wedding reception packing/moving/building frenzy, and one entire day of hard labor with the help of great friends, we are in. also, there were margaritas somewhere in there. i highly recommend margaritas when moving (unless you are driving.)

to whet your palates, here are some "before" photos of the space when it was pristine and empty:

and here we are after the move...
holy chaos, batman.
i am so sore and we have a LONG way to go until we are settled, but that's part of the adventure anyway!
in the meantime, i think i can promise that my fourth of july will be spent in recovery mode :)

ps - titus is having a ball exploring and running at top speed through the place. you can just make out a cat-shaped blur in the foreground of the kitchen "after" photo...


  1. Love the exposed brick wall! Looks amazing

    1. thanks, julie! i have a soft spot for exposed brick and we are lucky enough to have some in every room!