Friday, July 20, 2012

that's a wrap

happy friday!
it is also national fortune cookie day, so you should celebrate with some chinese takeout!
or, extra points if you want to make your own with this recipe (from martha. of COURSE she has one.)

going forward, i have decided that friday posts will be a weekly wrap-up of sorts - one of my 101 in 1001 was to have more regular features on the blog, and this is a great way to start!

this week i...
-  met new animal friends at work (you can see more on my instagram!)
-  completed week 2 of bringing my lunch and coffee to work everyday. hooray, saving money!
-  scored a pair of red pumps on super sale from j.crew. i can't wait to wear them with, well, everything!
-  started planning the menu for our olympic housewarming next friday night - more on that to come.
-  enjoyed a beer tasting/talk at our local historical society with friends.

overall, a great week and i am looking forward to an equally fun weekend.
hope you have a good one!